Competition, partner with Zixin Zhang
We have created a fictional story to narrate our design, and this story tells how human beings would preserve their memory and consciousness when human society decays. We designed our building to preserve the consciousness as long as possible through the numerical values translation of cognitive information and encode it as an architectural form.
Thus, memory and consciousness are translated into data, and data is encoded into architecture. Architectural form is a pure language, which can record and stimulate emotions. When extraterrestrial civilizations contact architecture, they can rely on the architectural form to resonate with the stored consciousness and memory and arouse their interest in contact with human civilization’s remnants.
The architecture design borrows the cairn forms, a pile of stones that are usually for ceremonial, memorial, and astronomy purposes.  These piles of stones are scattered all over the world, symbolizing remembrance, thought, and hope. The central inner tower in our design concept originated from form of cairn, as we are hoping to design a monument of human memory.

people have mastered a new technology that can concretize thoughts and memories and recording them into cubes. The data center digitizes the memory, converts it into chaotic attractors, and uses an algorithm to encode the attractors onto the cube matrixes.

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